Natural Language Processing & Network Analysis

Natural Language Processing

  • Stanford NLP Software: Java-based NLP tools, including Word Segmenter, POS tagger, Named Entity Recognizer, etc

  • NLTK: Python-based NLP toolkits

  • MALLET: Java-based NLP packages

Network Analysis

  • NetworkX: Python-based packages for the study of complex networks

  • igraph: A network analysis package in R, Python and C

  • Pajek: A pioneer software in network visualization

  • Gephi: A modern network visualization software

Organizational Analysis

‚ÄčI took the organizational analysis course led by Prof. Edward O. Laumann in fall quarter of 2014. Here are some reading materials and notes which I think are very important in understanding different topics or ways in organizational studies.

  • Max Weber: Authority and Bureaucracy

  • Talcott Parsons: Action Frame of Reference, AGIL Pattern

  • James D. Thompson: Organizations in Action

  • Paul J. DiMaggio and Walter W. Powell: The New Institutionalism in Organizational Analysis

  • Jeffrey Pfeffer and Gerald Salancik: The External Control of Organizations: A Resource Dependence Perspective

  • Michael T. Hannan and John Freeman: The Population Ecology of Organizations

  • Mark Granovetter: Economic Action and Social Structure: The Problem of Embeddedness

  • Ronald S. Burt: Brokerage and Closure: An introduction to Social Capital

  • Edward O. Laumann and David Knoke: The Organizational State: Social Choice in National Policy Domains

Economics of Digitization

  • The NBER Digitization Project: A program that offers a wide variety of resources on a list of essential papers, data sources and course syllabi about Economics of Digitization