I am Bowen Lou, using data to solve real-world business problems.

About Me

I am a rising fifth-year doctoral student at Operations, Information & Decisions Department in Wharton, specialized in information systems. My research lies in Economics of Innovation & Digitization (including but not limited to topics on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Digital Platform, FinTech, Healthcare IT, Social Media & User Generated Content). I study the new waves of digitization spanning multiple industries, by collaborating with and leveraging large-scale datasets from leading companies or agencies that extensively track technology, labor and innovation trends. Recently I'm particularly interested in the role of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector, hoping to make people live well.

I'm extremely passionate about proposing and applying eclectic but robust solutions from natural language processing and network science in order to understand latent patterns and extract managerial insights in data. I love delving into a treasure trove of unstructured texts about individuals and organizations from social media and various digital publications (e.g., reviews, resumes, patents, financial reports). 

Prior to joining Wharton, I was a research programmer at Knowledge Lab, Computation Institute, digging into an exciting field of computational social science (with Dr. Aaron Gerow and Prof. James Evans, here is my intro in lab homepage), and a research assistant at Booth School of Business (with Prof. Amanda Sharkey) during most of my time in Chicago. I started my research journey in my junior year of college, primarily focusing on machine learning with natural language processing employed in the area of analyzing content-based online public opinion (with Prof. Gongshen Liu). I have also worked in technology and banking corporations including Intel and China Guangfa Bank. 

I received my Bachelor degree from School of Information Security Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and my Master degree in Computer Science from University of Chicago.

Recent Academic News & Highlights

Since I fell in love with data and academia world, I have been always looking forward to academia/industry collaborations and aiming to address interesting research problems with big impact. Please feel free to get in touch with me at bowenlou at wharton.upenn.edu

My System

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