Teaching Experience

Wharton Tech Camp, Ph.D level, 2018

• Role: Instructor 

Course Website

• Topics covered: R & Python Basics, Command Line Basics, Data Acquisition, Data Summarization and Visualization, Causation vs. Prediction, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning & Foundations of Deep Learning.

OIDD 314/662 Enabling Technologies, Wharton Undergraduate & MBA, 2015 - 2017

• Role: Teaching Assistant

• TA for 2 Undergraduate sessions and 1 MBA session taught by Prof. Lynn Wu

• Helped develop a data science course project for students to make predictions on future automobile sales from Google Trends signals

• Provided extra data science sessions to instruct students to perform data analyses by R programming language

OIDD 101 Introduction to Operations, Information & Decisions, Wharton Undergraduate, 2019

• Role: Teaching Assistant

• TA for undergraduate classes with fundamentals in business and analytics, taught by Prof. Gerard Cachon, Prof. Sergei Savin and Prof. Santiago Gallino

• Helped set up quizzes, graded problem sets and exams  

Teaching Interest

• Big Data Business Analytics (introductory or advanced level), Machine Learning and Econometrics, Relational and Distributed Database Management, Web Application and System Design

• Economics of Information Technologies, IT Strategy and Innovation, Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence / Digital Platform / FinTech / Healthcare IT / Social Media 

I have received the Certificate in College and University Teaching through Center for Teaching & Learning in University of Pennsylvania. 

My general teaching philosophy is to make all fundamental academic concepts and methodologies pertaining to emerging technologies accessible to everyone in this digital age. I embrace the value of accountability, fairness, inclusion, and transparency for economics of information systems.