Data! Data! Data!.. I can't Make Bricks without Clay.

Data! Data! Data!.. I can't make bricks without clay.

- by Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventure of the Copper Beeches   


Much of my research is driven by the contemporary productivity paradox—the apparently slowdown in innovation despite the recent proliferation in availability of data and new waves of digitization, and attempts to offer a better understanding of how firms can leverage those cutting-edge digitization tools to create economic values for their innovation, labor demand and productivity. To this end, I delve into large-scale texts about individuals and organizations from social media and various digital publications (e.g., reviews, resumes, patents, financial reports). Based on the fine-grained data sources, I apply natural language processing and network science techniques to propose and develop robust measurements for firm’s technology capabilities and performance, as well as the organization structure and output of innovations. I also employ econometric approaches and theories to explore their possible causal linkages.

Journal Publication:

• Data Analytics Skills, Innovation and Firm Productivity. (with Lynn Wu & Lorin Hitt, Forthcoming in Management Science)

• Data Analytics Supports Decentralized Innovation. (with Lynn Wu & Lorin Hitt, Forthcoming in Management Science)

Working Paper:

• Artificial Intelligence and Drug Innovation. (with Lynn Wu, Working) 

• Innovation Strategy After IPO: How Data Analytics Mitigates the Post-IPO Decline in Innovation. (with Lynn Wu & Lorin Hitt, Under Review in Information Systems Research

• Does Employer Brand Matter: An Empirical Analysis on Online Job Reviews, Social Media Usage and Firm Performance. (with Fujie Jin & Lorin Hitt, Working)

Other Paper (Pre-PhD):

• Aaron Gerow, Bowen Lou, Eamon Duede, James Evans. Proposing Ties in a Dense Hypergraph of Academics. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Social Informatics, Beijing, China, 2015.